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Q: Should I repair or replace my windshield?

When your windshield undergoes distress, you will need to either repair or replace it. Costs vary widely based on the model of your car as well as the severity of the crack, but – in some cases - repair can cost as little as one tenth as much as replacement.

Naturally, you'll want to have an idea of which option you'll need to go with. Will your windshield need to be repaired or replaced? There are a lot of variables, but here are just a few guidelines:

  • Size:
    We can repair small chips no problem. Most small cracks (up to three inches) can be repaired as well! However, a crack over three inches long will usually require a windshield replacement.
  • Location:
    A chip inside the driver's line of sight will need to be replaced, as there is usually a small distortion left behind even after the repair. Is your windshield cracked? If the crack is near the edge of the windshield, it can spread quickly and compromise the structural integrity of the glass. However, we can usually repair small cracks and chips that are neither in the line of sight nor at the windshield's edge.
  • Time:
    The longer your glass stays distressed, the worse the problem becomes. This is for a variety of reasons: normal car movements compound the problem, as well as excess moisture and the extreme temperature fluctuations that Utah and North Dakota so famous for. The faster you get that windshield into your auto glass experts, the more likely that it can be repaired!

Q: How much does windshield repair cost?

If you have a rock chip in your windshield and you have car insurance you may not need to stress! These days, most car insurance companies provide rock chip repair as opposed to replacing the entire windshield.

Keep in mind that in most cases, car insurance companies will waive the deductible and pay for the entire repair. However, some companies don't offer this benefit so you might want to consider this when your car insurance shopping. Rock chip repairs can cost anywhere from $50-100, but our rock chip repairs typically cost between $20-60!

Q: How are windshields repaired?

Windshield chip repair involves injecting a special resin into the damaged area using a tool that attaches directly to it and then the resin is polished in order to restore it. This can help prevent the chip from cracking and spreading to other areas. The repairs are not always completely translucent, but the window will still be very durable.

Q: Are windshield cracks illegal in Utah?

Typically, it is illegal to operate a vehicle with any sort of windshield crack that can hinder your vision (small or large). However, laws regarding this vary from state to state. If your state requires vehicle inspections it's likely your car will not pass the inspection if you have a windshield cracked or broken on the passenger side. If your state doesn’t require auto inspections there's probably a law or statute in place that makes it illegal to have a broken windshield.

According to the Utah Department of Public Safety:

"Windshield cracks at any length may be present anywhere within the six inch border that surrounds the outside edge of a windshield. This border measurement is taken on the outside of the glass from the edge where the glass and the molding meet. The area of the windshield that falls on the inside of this border is known as the acute area. Any crack that extends into the acute area by more than one inch will not pass a safety inspection. Also, any damage or repairs in this acute area that exceeds one inch in length or diameter will also not pass a safety inspection."

If you're living in Utah and have any questions regarding this subject you can contact the Safety Inspection Section at (801) 965-4889 Option 1. If you don't know the laws in your state contact your local DMV or online public safety services.

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