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Expert Auto Glass provides mobile Riverton auto glass repair and Riverton windshield replacement for the 84065 zip code. When your auto glass needs to be replaced, we are the number one provider for your Riverton windshield replacement needs. The Experts will not only travel to wherever you are, our technicians have the experience, the tools, and the customer service to get you taken of.

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We give wholesale pricing for any Riverton windshield replacement, so we can guarantee the lowest price whenever we come out west. Sometimes you may only need a repair done on your windshield—we even have a Riverton auto glass repair specialist who will come out west at no extra charge to you. We would even love to pay you when we do a repair. You can call, email, or send a message through the website to see what the Experts can do for you!

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A Brief Look At The History Of Car Windshields

Car windshields may not be the most interesting invention in the world, but they're not the dullest either. In fact, we're almost certain you'll get a kick out of some of the fun facts about how the windshield came about.

6 Fun Windshield Facts:

  • After the invention of the automobile, people began to realize that something was missing! Since goggles were the standard wear for the first motorists, drivers didn't have anything to protect their mouths from bugs, mud, or bad weather. Something had to be done.
  • The first self-propelled vehicle was manufactured in the late 19th century which was followed by the internal combustion engine and the gas-powered automobile.
  • Windshields were introduced in 1904.
  • The very first windshields were made of two pieces. When one part became dirty the driver would simply fold the dirty part down. If it sounds funny that's because it was!
  • Windshields were originally made of plate glass. However, automobile manufactures quickly realized how dangerous this could be if there was an accident. Can you imagine being rear ended and sent through your glass windshield?
  • The windshield wiper was invented in 1916.

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