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Expert Auto Glass provides mobile Williston auto glass repair and Williston windshield replacement for the 58801 and 58802 zip codes. Getting your auto glass replaced during the busy boom isn't easy, and finding someone to come to you is even tougher. Until now! Expert auto glass will come anywhere for your Williston windshield replacement.

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Broken Auto Glass Repaired In Williston

Do you need a simple repair? Call Expert Auto Glass for Williston auto glass repair services, and we will come to you. We can replace broken glass for all types of vehicles. Don't want us to come to you? Feel free to bring it into our shop, conveniently located in the east part of town. We are approved by all insurance companies, so the repair will cost you nothing! Call today and see what the Experts can do for you.

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We only use the most experienced technicians to do the job, and our customer service is unmatched in Williston. Don't want to wait a week to get it done? No problem. We will come the next day for almost any windshield replacement. Our manufacturer delivers glass to our front door whenever we need it, so we can get any piece of glass just about any time. We can also cut laminated and tempered glass for heavy machinery.

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Types Of Rock Chips And Hot Care Tips

Car glass is built to be sturdy and withstand the chipping and cracking caused by most road debris. However, when even the tiniest piece of asphalt comes barreling towards your car at top speed your windshield is vulnerable to all sorts of damage.

The rock chip 'rule of thumb' is that while they start out small they will inevitably expand. Rock chips come in all sorts of patterns and sizes. Here is a list of the most common types:

  • 'Bullseye' and 'half bullseye' are circular with a dent in the center
  • 'Star' has lines running off from the center
  • 'Bees wing' is shaped like the letter "V"
  • 'Combination' is a mix between a star and bullseye
  • 'Spider' cracks can start out tiny but stretch to 10-12" inches long

Hot Tip #1:

If your windshield is white beneath the rock chip damage you don't need to worry about repairing it right away. If it's black or silver in color you'll want to get it repaired immediately to avoid spreading.

Hot Tip #2:

If a chip is smaller than a 50 cent coin they are repairable. If they are larger, you will probably need to replace your windshield. However, some experts say that a rock chip 6" or larger only requires windshield replacement. Because almost all types tend to spread it's best to contact your reputable Utah auto body company for assistance.

Rock chip repair is always cheaper than rock chip replacement and we can come to your house or place of business and replace it on the spot. Call us today!