Windshield Repair


Fast, On-Site Rock Chip Repair

With uncovered trucks and dirt roads, it's not a question of IF you will get a chip; it's a question of WHEN. So when your windshield gets chipped or cracked, don’t ignore it - Call the Experts! We'll come to you to fix your chip quickly so it doesn't get worse.

Too many people put it off, which can cause your chip or small crack to grow and force you to replace your windshield. You can save hundreds of dollars by having the damage repaired before the damage spreads!

Windshield rock chips repaired in Riverton UT and Williston ND


Utah and North Dakota Windshield Repair

Don't go to some roadside stand that advertises "free" rock chip repair. Call us instead and we'll come to you and help you get it processed through your insurance company!

Windshield Repair in Utah

Utah highways are notorious for causing rock chips due to our high number of semis and uncovered dump trucks. In addition, vicious winter storms cause falling debris, and your windshield may even fall victim to windshield damage while it's parked in your own driveway!

Salt Lake City windshield repair

North Dakota & Montana

Our location in Williston provides surrounding areas in North Dakota and nearby communities in Montana with fast and professional windshield repair services. Some of the cities we provide service for include, but are not limited to:

Why Shouldn't You Delay Your Windshield Repair?

  • Unexpected jarring, slamming a door, or even normal use may cause a chip to worsen.
  • Excess moisture or extreme temperature fluctuations can aggravate the problem, turning a small crack into a large one.
  • Waiting too long may result in having to replace the windshield altogether.
Windshield rock chips repaired fast

Our Repair Process: We Come to You!

Our process begins with an Expert drilling into the damaged area of the windshield and filling the air pockets with UV resin material. This material then dries and replaces the glass. The area is then sealed with a thicker resin material. This process takes just five to ten minutes per chip.

We have happy customers all across Utah and North Dakota